Lillian Lennon

Good evening. My name is Lillian Lennon. I am a volunteer for RSVP Inc. Animal Welfare and Rescue and I am Brookhaven Town Resident , voter, and taxpayer.

I am here to support Sue Hansen’s commitment to promote the future privatization of the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. She has clearly articulated the need for consideration in this matter and has spent an enormous amount of her personal time, resources, and finances toward that end. Ms. Hansen has researched all the information required to move this request to the next level. I implore you to hear her out. She comes from a place of experience not only in animal welfare but as a savvy business woman. She deserves the courtesy of the town board’s time to facilitate this proposal for privatization. Riverhead has successfully privatized their municipal shelter recently and since then the animals, residents, and taxpayers have seen a tremendous , measurable improvement in its operation by the North Fork Animal Welfare League. And although it may seem like a daunting task given the size and demographic of the Brookhaven community, I can assure you that Ms. Hansen has researched every possible “roadblock” and has a possible solution for each of them.

It is unfortunate that she was denied the request to profile the shelter’s current budget for the taxpayers to view tonight. The denial is questionable to say the least since many of us have witnessed othe speakers present visuals for all to see rather than handouts. One can only assume that this lack of transparency to the public will only raise more questions regarding the allocated finances surrounding the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. It is ,after all, public record, so why was she not permitted to present it to the board and those in attendance today both in this auditorium and at home?

In summary, I would appreciate your consideration in allowing Ms. Hansen the opportunity to present her privatization proposal. The municipality is so obviously broken and our animals suffer each and every day while we continue to deal with the bureaucratic nature of politics when it is so very obvious that privatization is the necessary reform needed to facilitate the changes that will improve the welfare of the shelter’s residents and save the Brookhaven taxpayers money. And finally, although it may appear that we are alone in this quest, I can assure you that we have a plethora of supporters that believe in this proposal….now we need you to follow suit…..Thank you.